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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It offers the perfect opportunity for you and the kids to show mum just how much she means to the family. Make the day all about her and keep the kids engaged by planning an exciting day filled with family-oriented activities that everyone can enjoy. With the help of Boxt hampers, you won’t have a problem coming up with an amazing day that mum and the kids will remember for a lifetime. Here’s a day of ideas to consider implementing into your own Mother’s Day plans.


Start with a Girls’ Spa Morning

With a tea rose pamper hamper in hand, all the girls in the family can start the day off with a home spa experience while the boys make breakfast for everyone. They can give each other massages while enjoying shortbread bites and chocolate truffle hearts, then indulge in facials using cucumber and aloe vera face masks. The girls can finish things off with hot baths and rich vanilla soap before heading to the dining room for a celebratory breakfast. The tea rose pamper hamper also includes delectable nuts and herbal tea left to enjoy when winding down at the end of the night. After spa time and breakfast, give mum some alone time so she can further relax with some crossword puzzles or a favourite hobby before participating in your planned afternoon activity.

Plan an Afternoon Cheese Tasting Party

For lunch, help the kids plan a cheese tasting party that brings everyone around the table for fun, games, and good food. Boxt’s cut to the cheese gift box comes with five high-quality cheese cutting knives, some smokey cheese nibbles, crackers, cabernet paste, a chocolate slab, and dipping bowls to get things started. Let the kids pick out three or four types of other cheeses from the store along with some fresh fruit, balsamic vinegar, and some cider to complete the spread. Then everyone can start the afternoon by trying the fromage selection and voting on which ones they like the best, as well as which they think mum enjoys most.

After lunch, clear the table for game time. Consider creating a mum-themed table quiz by coming up with a couple dozen questions that are all about mums, list them all on a piece of paper, and make copies so everyone in the family can have one. Then break the family up into two or three teams and battle each other to see who can answer the most questions correctly. Play 20-questions with mum as the focus. If she’s into crafts, plan a small project that each person can contribute to as mum takes the reigns as the project leader. You can also work as a family to create a fun memory book using photos of mum, the kids, and yourself from years’ past.

Move on to Movie Night

Finish Mother’s Day off with an intimate night of movie-watching before bed. Order Boxt’s movie night gift hamper to make things easy and memorable and rent a couple movies you know mum wants to see or loves watching time and again. Before popping a movie in, make sure mum has a comfortable place to sit in the centre of the couch so the kids can cuddle her and make her feel special. Spread out the caramel popcorn, rock candy, chocolate-covered fruit and nuts, and cocoa hearts that come with the movie gift hamper, and brew some fresh hot chocolate to share. With a night filled with so many goodies, who needs dinner? Start movie time off early so the kids won’t fall asleep during mum’s special time.

After a long day of fun and love with the entire family, mum and the kids are sure to appreciate all the effort you put into making things special. Enjoy!

Moving can be an emotional, and often stressful time, while also being the start of a new stage of someone's life. Housewarming presents are a great way for you to show some support, and to welcome close ones or work mates to this next, exciting stage of their lives, and to a new home.

Here are some great gift ideas from Boxt, all available for delivery Australia wide.


housewarming hamper


1. Housewarming Gift Hamper, $69

Wrapped in cellophane and trimmed with satin ribbon, this gift hamper includes Champagne and two glasses, so you can help a newly-moved couple or friend to toast to new beginnings. To go with the drinks, the hamper also includes assorted chocolates, tea, bite-sized Roladas, and 30 gold-wrapped milk Chocolate Baubles.

2. Beer, Red, N Nibbles Gift Box, $99

Or you could help your friends mark this milestone with a more casual beer 'n' nibbles. Delight them with this collection of Pale Ale, Merlot, and an incredible range of delicious snacks: garlic nibbles, herbed jerky, chocolate coated almonds, pepper peanuts, chocolate mud fudge, a chocolate bar, a date and pistachio Rolada, and chocolate frogs and baubles.

3. American Honey Snacks Gift Box, $118

Show your friends how to settle into their new home with this cosy hamper of sweet and warm delights. The star is the smooth bourbon blended with honey - Wild Turkey American Honey, and it’s paired with some organic caramel popcorn, dark chocolate, honey-roasted nuts, a chocolate gift box, some chocolate mud fudge, Ferrero Rochers, gold-wrapped Chocolate Baubles, and two Roladas and herbal tea sachets.

4. Cut to the Cheese Gift Box, $97

Your welcome home message will be cheesy but eagerly appreciated with this collection of tasty cheese related products. This gift box includes a knife set, smoked cheese nibbles, cheese crackers, and some Maggie Beer Cabernet Paste to go with them. There is also some milk chocolate, Ferrero Rochers, and two dipping bowls.


Cheese knives for housewarming gift


5. Classic Cheese Knives Set, $24.95

This stylish four-piece set can serve as the perfect house-warming gift on its own, or it can complement the Cut to the Chase Gift Box. Each knife has stainless steel blades, with a copper finish, and white ceramic handles. Each of them is paired with a certain type of cheese and texture: soft brie and camembert, crumbling cheeses, and hard cheeses like Parmesan. There's also a cheese fork for holding the cheese in place to cut it.

6. Home DIY Basics, $19.95

There's nothing like moving into a new home and building some customised furniture and handy contraptions. Your friend will appreciate this book full of diagrams, photographs, and creative ideas for enhancing the look and function of their home.

7. Graphic Design Fleece Blanket, $49.95

In the cooler times of the year this 180 x 150 cm blanket with a modern, soft design, will add some warmth to a new home. Your friend will be able to use this on their bed or snuggle up on the couch with it after a long day of work. It comes beautifully gift wrapped, or it can be added to one of the hampers. For an extra special touch, pair this blanket with a housewarming gift card, Heavenly New Home, blank on the inside for a personalised message.

8. Drinking Game Bar Mats, $9.90

For something to inject some fun into that first night in the new home or the house-warming party, these drinking game bar mats make for a great gift. This box of 30 coasters will give you endless ideas for a long and exciting night.

Here at Boxt we are, of course, huge foodies! We’re always on the lookout for the newest and best gourmet food on offer in Australia to include in our gourmet hampers, so we spend a lot of time cruising the local foodie blogs for the latest news and ideas.

Wherever you live in Australia, there is a foodie blog out there that discusses your area and some of the top new gourmet treats and places to dine. And if you’re a fan of Boxt, then we know you must be a foodie too, so we’ve put together our top 10 favourite Australian food blogs for you to check out!

Foodie Cravings

Foodie Cravings logo

This blog focusses on the best casual dining that Perth has to offer. It also covers reviews of kitchenware and cookbooks. The blog has a light, friendly tone that is relaxed and entertaining for the reader.

The Breakfast Confidential

The Breakfast Confidential logo

This site specialises in reviewing dining outposts that serve delicious breakfasts. In addition, creator Liz Sheehan also covers local food and wine events in Perth. The blog takes on a professional, analytical tone.

Perth Munchkin

Perth Munchkin logo

Perth Munchkin writes about local ingredients and fresh cuisine throughout Perth. Creator CJ also covers the latest restaurant openings in the area. She also includes the occasional recipe to give herself a bit of a creative outlet. The overall tone is light-hearted and fun.

The Hungry Australian

The Hungry Australian logo

The Hungry Australian has received numerous accolades in the world of food blogging. In addition to consistently delivering easy, yet delicious recipes, the blog also covers general food topics as well as global travel. It is all presented in a professional, magazine-style format.

RecipeTin Eats

Recipe Tin Eats logo

RecipeTin Eats is a great blog for those who are looking to save time and money in the kitchen. The vast majority of the recipes included here use basic ingredients that you are likely to already have in your kitchen. In addition, creator Nagi also writes about what it takes to be a professional food blogger.


Stone soup logo

Jules Clancy, creator of Stonesoup, focusses on healthy, organic ingredients. Most of the recipes that she publishes use five ingredients or less, so they let the delicious flavours of their nutritious ingredients shine through. She also publishes simple cookbooks showcasing the best of her recipe offerings, allowing readers to get even more into her healthy lifestyle.

The World Loves Melbourne

The World Loves Melbourne logo

The World Loves Melbourne is the quintessential guide to all things fine dining in Melbourne. The blog also covers a wide range of travel and lifestyle topics, giving a complete picture of what it is really like to enjoy the finer things in life in Melbourne. It provides a great opportunity for new and up-and-coming restaurants and services to gain exposure to a larger audience.

My Kitchen Stories

My Kitchen Stories logo

My Kitchen Stories focusses on delicious recipes that anyone can make from the comfort of his or her own home. The blog also covers travel and other related topics interspersed between the recipe posts. Creator Tania aims to make her posts as relatable as possible so that everyone can share in the joy that she has for cooking.

Cafe Delites

Cafe Delites logo

Creator Karina at Cafe Delites is all about creating delicious recipes that are also nutritious. She aims to be gentle on the waistline but without skimping on flavour. She includes weekly menu planning in addition to individual recipes. Her posts are written in a conversational tone that is easy and enjoyable to read.

Delicious Everyday

Delicious Everyday logo

Delicious Everyday specialises in vegetarian recipes that may be lacking in meat but definitely are not lacking in flavour. In addition to vegetarian recipes, the blog also includes a number of vegan and gluten-free options. Creator Jennifer is passionate about food, and that enthusiasm comes through in her writing.


Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolate and roses. It’s about making a romantic gesture that speaks volumes of your love (and scoring major brownie points with the one that you love at the same time!).

We don’t want to blow our own horn too much, but here at Boxt, where Valentine’s Day is a MAJOR occasion, we like to think we’re a pretty romantic bunch, so to help you impress that special someone in your life this jour de l’amour, here are our top five ideas for the most awesome Valentine’s Day date night.

Surprise Them at Work with a Romantic Gift

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, which means your significant other will likely be working for most of the day. Why make them wait until after work to let the romance begin? Send a gift to their workplace – a simple gift like a balloon and a cuddly toy will do the trick, like this the I Love You Little Bear and Amore Foil Balloon. You’ll make them feel like the centre of the world, especially when all their co-workers ooh and ah over your gift, and you can cash in on those brownie points as soon as they get home!

Brownie points: 2

Plan a Home Pamper Evening

You could buy your love a massage voucher, but where is the thought and effort in that? Make your partner feel loved and adored with a spa-inspired evening at home. Make them feel like the queen or king for a day with a gorgeous selection of luxurious bath and body items and your own signature massage. For the lucky lady in your life, the MOR Rose Gift Box is sure to score mega brownie points with the sumptuous MOR Marshmallow Bubble Bath, botanical soap, chocolate truffles and other delectable treats that she’ll love – including a vanilla scented rose from Angel Aromatics.

Or for the man who loves a good massage, he’ll be thrilled with the Night in Gift Hamper, which includes a soy candle and body wash from Urban Rituelle, as well as an assortment of Pure Indulgence chocolates. The two of you will have a cosy night together, tasting chocolates and melting away all tension. You’ll be able to enjoy one another in a state of pure bliss.

Brownie points: 4

A thoughtful gift that reflects their personality

Are you like so many couples, who sometimes have silly arguments over one or other of you ‘not listening’ to the other? Often all we want from our significant other is to know they listen to us, remember what we say, and appreciate all the little things that make you ‘you’.

So make your loved one feel good by letting them know you ‘get them’ by choosing a gift that revolves around something they love to do. Does your significant other spend their free time on the putting green? Then the Golfing Gift Box would be a perfect present this Valentine’s Day to show how well you understand them. An issue of GOLF magazine, brand new golf balls, and a selection of nibbles to keep them energised for the next game.

Is your wife or girlfriend always trying to get you to go to the gym with her and try her healthy, organic cooking? Show her how much you notice her commitment to her well-being with a gift that’s all about wellness. The Women’s Health Gift Box has everything from a detox face mask to loose leaf teas so she’ll feel great inside and out.

For more ideas, we have plenty interest-based hampers – check them out here.

Brownie points: 6

Cook Their Favourite Meal

Many say that food is the purest road to the heart. Send a clear message of your devotion and make yourself look like the most thoughtful partner on the planet by preparing your beloved’s most-loved dish. Light the candles, open a bottle of wine, put on some music, and sit down, just the two of you, to your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner together. You can make it even more magical with a Foodie Gift Hamper, packed with 3 different foodie magazines, gourmet nibbles from Ogilvie & Co., a bottle of Woodlands Cabernet, and Tease tea sachets and chocolate to savour after you dine together.

Brownie points: 8

Let them Pick the Movie

This one seems so simple, yet it racks up the highest number of brownie points on the list! On any other day of the year, the two of you have to do some serious negotiating to decide who gets to pick the movie. Not on Valentine’s Day. Plan a romantic movie night as a thoughtful gesture for the holiday and let them pick the movie. So if you hate chick-flicks or despise action movies, on February 14th, you will make the ultimate sacrifice and show how much you really care by sitting through a terrible movie, all for the happiness of your love.

And of course, no movie night is complete without a truck-load of junk food! Prop this Movie Night Gift Hamper on the coffee table in front of your Valentine to complete the most perfect Valentine’s date night. A popcorn bucket with chocolate hearts and other treats – what could be more romantic?

Brownie points: 10

Christmas is a time of celebration, family, and of course giving, and what better way to show your appreciation for those close to you than some delicious Christmas goodies for everyone to enjoy? During the holiday season there are so many festive treats to choose from, but we’ve compiled the top ten favourite Christmas goodies enjoyed by Australians every December.

#1 BBQ Food

Most Australians love to have a BBQ on Christmas day, because who wants to have the oven on for hours roasting a turkey when it’s already as hot as an oven outside! Don’t forget to get marinading on Christmas eve to get the steaks extra juicy! We recommend this delicious Wild Meat Sauce, which you can add to any of our Christmas Hampers, or buy by itself for $19.95.

#2 Chocolate

Try as you might, we bet there’s no way you can get through Christmas without eating at least one chocolate! Chocolate makes a great gift, and eating it makes a great pastime when lounging around with family over the break! We’ve got the ultimate Christmas chocolate hamper – complete with chocolate log, cupcakes, rocky road, truffles, chocolate dukkah and so much more that we can’t even type because our mouth is watering!

#3 Mulled Wine

It might be summer, but who can resist a glass of mulled wine to really get into the Christmas spirit? Easy to make at home with store cupboard ingredients, this is the ultimate Christmas drink – just chuck a few spices in with one of our awesome red wine hampers and you’re good to go!

#4 Christmas Pudding

For a lot of Aussies, it’s just not Christmas without Christmas pudding! If you’re looking for a modern twist on a Christmas classic, then try this orange and chocolate Christmas pudding. And don’t forget the brandy for pouring over the pudding and lighting on fire for that ‘wow’ moment after dinner!

#5 Port

When the madness of the day is over, there’s nothing better than sitting down to relax with a nice glass of port. The fermentation process brings about those natural raisin and Christmas spice flavours from the grapes – what’s more Christmas than that!  And if you want enjoy some nibbles along with your port, this port gift hamper is just what the doctor ordered!

#6 Seafood

If you’re having a BBQ on Christmas Day, chances are you’ll be making room for seafood on your grill. Whether it’s prawns, barramundi, scallops or lobster, make sure you order it well before Christmas Eve to avoid the queues.

#7 Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a staple in most Australian households come Christmas time, with that amazing homely spice taste. And kids love playing with gingerbread men before biting off their heads – a callous act that doesn’t even get them on Santa’s naughty list! If your family are gingerbread fans, treat them to this gorgeous Christmas foodie hamper that includes a happy little gingerbread man, a gingerbread tree and mouth-watering gingerbread fudge!

#8 Baileys

If you’re one of the many Australians that stock up on special alcoholic drinks during the festive season, then you’ve probably got Baileys Irish Cream on your list. If you want to really splash out, then you need this amazing Baileys Cookies and Cream hamper in your life!

#9 Chocolate Logs

We’ll probably never get a white Christmas here in Australia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a Christmas chocolate log with its delicately snow-covered icing – it really brings that festive feeling to the dessert table! Try this Dan Cake log from our HoHoHo Gift Hamper, it’s to die for!!

#10 Candy Canes

Candy canes are the epitome of Christmas! Their origins date back to the late 1600s when a minister commissioned them to be made to give to children during Christmas services to keep them quiet. They do a pretty good job of that these days as well! We’ve snuck a few sneaky candy canes into all of our Christmas Hampers this year – can you spot them all? It’s like a game of candy cane-themed Where’s Wally on our website right now!


What’s your favourite Christmas foodie treat? Tell us over on Boxt Twitter or Facebook

Are you starting to feel the pressure as Christmas draws closer, and shops get busier and busier? Christmas shouldn’t be a stressful time – it should be a time to let your hair down, relax, and spend quality time with family and friends!

So to make things a little easier, check out our gift guide where we take you through some of our most popular gifts this year for all sorts of people in your life – for him, for her, for kids, colleagues, clients and the family. You can order online in one go and get your shopping done and dusted!

Christmas Gift for Him

Big Bucket Medley - $113

There’s nothing the guys in the family love more than relaxing on their favourite armchair with a bucket of cold stubbies at Christmas time, so they’ll love our Big Bucket Medley. This hamper embraces the good cheer of the season while enticing guys with chocolate fruit and nut bars, caramel coated nuts, gingerbread, and a variety of flavoured peanuts. It's like a portable party all wrapped up to go; he can nibble and sip to his heart's content and even have some left over to share (maybe!).

This hamper includes two bottles of James Squire 150 Lashes, two bottles of Canadian Club & Dry, two bottles of Little Creatures Pale Ale, a Fremantle Chocolate Factory Fruit and Nut Bar, one package each of Morish Premium Savoury Nibbles and Caramel Coated Nuts, some Kingaroy Sweet Chilli & Lime Peanuts, a package of Kytons Gourmet Florentine Slice, The Gingerbread Folk Iced Gingerbread Tree, and Herb & Spice Mill Honey Roasted Peanuts.

For more Christmas gift ideas for men, check out all our ‘Gifts for him’ here.

Christmas Gift for Her

Organic Wine and Lemongrass Gift Box - $139

The ladies in our lives are often tasked with taking care of everyone else year-round, so they deserve a little more ‘me time’ at Christmas! Ladies who love to pamper themselves in products bursting with wonderful aromas will be delighted with this gift set. This hamper includes everything a lady needs to unwind over the Christmas holidays – a bottle of chardonnay, organic body lotion and body wash, gourmet tea, liquorice, chocolate, herbal seeds, and more. She can immerse herself in a swirl of opulent scents, tastes and textures.

Included in the Organic wine & lemongrass hamper is a bottle of Nature's Harvest Organic Chardonnay, one dispenser each of Urban Rituelle Lemongrass Organic Hand & Body Wash and Urban Rituelle Lemongrass Organic Hand & Body Lotion, 20 teabags each of Pukka Organic Chamomile and Vanilla & Manuka Honey, Sow n Sow a Gift of Seeds Trio Of Herbs, one package of Green Groves Organics Liquorice, one slab of Green & Blacks Organic 70% Dark Chocolate, and one Angel Aromatics Vintage Vanilla Ivory Rose.

For more Christmas gift ideas for women, check out all our ‘Gifts for her’ here.

Christmas Gift for Kids

For Girls: Green Fairy Gift Box - $82

Young girls will shriek with delight at this exciting array of toys and treats, which will keep her happy and content for hours on end! She can be reading, colouring, playing with bubbles, and revelling in the exquisite joy of lemon candy and delicious chocolate hearts.

This special gift set for girls includes a Green Fairy Soft Doll, the Goodnight, Sleep Tight! Book, one 12 pack of Jumbo Crayons, One jar of Ogilvie & Co. Lemon Sherbet Rock Candy, one Bubble Blower, Freo Choc Factory Star Shaped Chocolate Freckle, two Pink Lady Large Gold Chocolate Hearts, two Pink Lady Chocolate Green Tree Frogs and three Pink Lady Mini Pink Solid Milk Chocolate Hearts.

For Boys: Little Boy Gift Hamper - $90

For little boys, this collection of treasures appeals to little guys who love to play soccer, read story books, play with bubbles, and munch on tasty snacks – that’s pretty much ever little boy, right?!

This fun set includes a Little Boy Doll, one Korimco soccer ball, two Illustrated children's story books, one package of Ogilvie & Co. Choc Chip Shortbread, one bubbles & bubble blower set, one box of Springhill Farm Chocolate & Oat Finger Slices, and two Pale Blue Milk Chocolate Truffles. He will revel in this specially designed children's gift set in only the way a contented young boy can.

For more Christmas gift ideas for kids, check out all our ‘Gifts for kids’ here.


Christmas Gift for a Colleague or Secret Santa

Christmas Mug Mini Gift Hamper - $29.95

Secret Santa time at the office can be a little stressful – especially if you draw the name of a colleague you don’t know very well! But don’t worry, we have you covered! This Christmas gift mug will hit the spot with any work associate, especially one with a sweet tooth. They'll love the chocolates, candy canes and cookie -- and the Father Christmas mug can be used for years to come.

For more Christmas gift ideas for colleagues, check out all our ‘Gifts for colleagues’ here – we have gifts to match all office Secret Santa budgets!


Corporate Christmas Gift for Clients or Suppliers

Christmas Team Share Gift Hamper - $210

Team share hampers are the perfect gift to show your appreciation for your clients and suppliers, as everyone on the team will find something they love in the big array of goodies – and they look impressive to boot! And the extravagant array of treats and goodies in this Team Share Mix will proclaim to your clients loud and clear just how much you appreciate them. And when business resumes after the holidays, you'll be considered everyone’s favourite business associate – a sound PR strategy as everyone who enjoyed your gift will greet you with kind regard!

For more Corporate Christmas gift ideas for clients and suppliers, check out all our ‘Team/Share Hampers’ here.

Christmas Gift for under the tree for the whole family

Orange Honeysuckle Deluxe Christmas Gift Hamper - $180

No Christmas is complete without an overflow of Christmassy treats under the tree – either to be enjoyed by the family, or to entertain the never-ending train of guests that seem to pop by throughout the festive period.

This breathtaking mix of treats, goodies and delights has something for every taste. This hamper includes dozens of celebrated holiday goodies – perfect for holiday gatherings. Including a bottle of Honeysuckle Cabernet Sauvignon, one carton of Pudding on the Ritz Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding, one package of Pangkara Australian Bean Mix, one bottle of Nuova Cucina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one package each of O'Gilvie Garlic Nibbles and O'Gilvie Smokey Cheese Nibbles, one package of Just Jerky Herbed Original Beef Jerky, one bag of Herb & Spice Mill Black Pepper Bites, one slab of Fremantle Chocolate 72% Dark Chocolate, one package of The Pickled Wife Dukkah, one box of Maggie Beer Plum Paste, one bag of Herb & Spice Mill Black Pepper Peanuts, one bag of Picky Picky Sweet Chilli & Lime Peanuts, one container of The Spice Co Dreamy Carrot & Nutmeg Dip, one package of Mama Marlena's Just Nuts Almonds, four Bite Sized Rolada, two Cinnamon Sticks and 15 Gold Wrapped Milk Chocolate Baubles.

For more Christmas themed food hampers for under the tree, check out all our ‘Christmas Hampers’ here.

Do you have a family member, friend, or co-worker who’s just had a new baby and you want to buy them something special to mark this momentous and joyous occasion? It can be tempting to pick up the first cute thing you see, but new parents get a lot of flowers and stuffed toys that they don't need. Here we give you some alternatives that are not only absolutely adorable, but also useful for new parents thrown in the deep end!

A Hamper of Baby Essentials

Instead of buying a fancy little outfit from a kid’s boutique that, realistically, the baby will probably get one chance to wear before the grow out of it (new parents and their babies rarely get the opportunity to go to places that require dressing up!) get a hamper with some essentials, like this Musical Owl Gift Box.

This one contains practical and essential items for the baby – an easy-clean onesie; mittens that help prevent the baby from scratching himself; a bib; and a burping towel. It also included a few little gift items that the parents will get to enjoy.

Educational Toys, Instead of a Stuffed Toy

Stuffed cuddly toys are really cute, but how much entertainment or stimulation is the baby really going to get from one? And how much space do the new parents have in their home for cuddly toys?

Instead there are many educational toys and books that you can give as a gift for the new baby – which are not just cute and fun, but also aide in the child’s development, even from very early on.

Something like this Playgro Activity Friend Play Block – it’s soft and safe for infants, has rings for teething, a mirror, colours and animals for baby to learn.

Books are also an excellent gift for baby, parents and older siblings. A book is a gift that can last a lifetime. The entire family can be involved in reading books to the baby, and later in life, the child can read those same books back to their parents.

Forget the Flowers, Get a Practical Bouquet

Flowers are lovely, but they aren’t always the most practical gift. And what new parents are going to have the time to prune them and change the water so that they last more than a few days? Instead of a bouquet of flowers, why not give a bouquet that can be used? These adorably creative Babycupcakes Sockroses are an awesome gift for a new baba. The flowers scrolls are made up of practical cotton socks and come in a range of colours, or you can mix and march for a multi-colour bouquet that won’t go to waste!  

Meals for the Family

As well as a gist, a helpful gesture can also go a long way for overwhelmed new parents. They are going to be busy figuring out how to take care of the baby and finding their routine. Their first few weeks at home are going to be hectic, and caring for themselves will likely take a back seat.

So a really helpful gesture is to cook up some nutritious dishes, package them in containers that can be frozen, and stock up their fridge and freezer with meals the family can quickly heat and eat to keep their energy up.

A Gift Box for the New Parents

When you think about it, the new baby won’t even appreciate a gift! Instead you could treat the new parents to a hamper or gift box filled with things they will enjoy.

Give a gift that will help them relax and celebrate the new addition to their family – Mum is probably dying for a nice glass of wine and some of that soft cheese she wasn’t allowed to eat while pregnant! This Honeysuckle Mix Gift Hamper is perfect – with some gorgeous WA wine and savoury jam and pickle sauce to compliment the cheese – Mum and Dad will be in heaven (between feeds!).


Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought – and there are some many more useful gifts for new babies and parents in the Boxt range – check them out here!

In the marketing industry, the heralding in of the Christmas season each year isn’t exactly a time of silver bells and good cheer. For all but the most well-organised, it ends up being a time when the workload suddenly gets that much more intense. From designing holiday themed ads to coordinating Christmas gift planning for clients, suppliers and employees, marketing managers arguably have many more holiday cookies on their plate to deal with than everyone else.

Which is why savvy marketers know that the secret to getting through the holiday season with aplomb – and even having some time left over to stop and sip the eggnog – is to plan ahead. Christmas is still months away – which means today is the perfect time to start crossing those holiday marketing responsibilities off of your checklist. Follow this handy guide and you’ll have all your obligations in order before the rest of the world digs out their festive wreaths and Santa hats.

Get your Christmas messaging & designs created and approved

Step number one to Christmas preparation success is to get your holiday-themed designs ready and approved early. From banner ads and decked out landing pages to print, TV and radio ads, this season requires a complete design and messaging makeover. Get your design team working on the reindeer and snowflakes today so you can make adjustments and get your marketing collateral approved by the powers that be before the media deadlines loom. You want plenty of time to craft the look that is perfect for this year’s holiday season to make sure your brand is bringing the perfect touch of Christmas magic and cutting through the noise.

Book your ad space early

On the topic of Christmas advertising, every man and his dog want to get their messaging out at Christmas time, so the print and broadcasting spots fill up early, and get pricier with more competition. Take advantage of early bird specials and ensure that you get the ad space or air time that you want for your company by booking your advertisements ahead of the season. Take advantage of acting early even more by promoting your ads a few weeks in advance. This will give you time to test your messaging with your audience. Then you can go back and improve upon your ads for the official Christmas season roll-out.

Start the corporate gift planning ASAP, and get some professional help

When you’re in marketing, you don’t just get to shop for friends and family – your entire client base and supply chain needs to be wowed with a gift, not to mention the hardworking employees in your company. The amount of time and effort required to come up with the right gift for everyone constitutes another full-time job!

And keep in mind that you don’t have to struggle through it all yourself. You get professional help with all other facets of marketing after all – from graphic design, to media buying, to web development – so why take the burden of gift planning entirely on your shoulders?

Save yourself the hassle and make this year’s gift-giving as stress-free as possible with a provider that makes things easy. A good corporate gift provider (like us at Boxt!*) can either custom curate a gift hamper to suit your per-head budget, or provide you with a large range of ready-to-go gifts and hampers that makes it easy to find the right ones for clients, suppliers and employees. They should also be able to help with things like addressing and delivery, so all you have to do is provide a budget and a contact list and let them take care of the rest, without worrying about the finer details or the Christmas backlog at the post office.

Craft your website's Christmas messaging

Layout your website's messaging for the Christmas season and the timeline for changes to be pushed through. This is important to start early because you may want to present different calls to action and text descriptions as the season progresses. For example, you'll want to let customers know about upcoming deals, early bird specials, and even after-Christmas holiday sales (as you’ll likely still be on Christmas leave when these are launched).

Let your customers know your holiday hours

If your hours are going to change over the holidays, let your customers know ahead of time. Whether you are extending hours for more flexible shopping as the big day nears, or if you are planning on closing over the holidays or for your corporate Christmas party, decide how you want to present this information on your website and social media sites so your customers can plan accordingly.

Get the party planning underway

With all the work on your plate, silly season parties might seem bottom of your list right now, but the responsibility for these usually falls on the marketing team, and you don’t want a disappointed workforce looking to you when the only venue left is a footie club hall and dodgy catering!

So now’s the time to book your event space and organise catering to wow the crowds. Holiday parties are excellent opportunities to impress clients, foster business connections, and show employees how much they are appreciated. The trick to making yours really sparkle isn’t the number of Christmas lights you decorate with, but early planning so you have plenty of time to make your arrangements.

*How can Boxt help?

Christmas may be a few months away, but that doesn’t have to stop you from putting on your Santa hat now and beginning your holiday marketing early. The sooner you start, the more you can connect with your clients and improve your brand’s image this season.

And at Boxt we can make things easier. With over 14 years’ experience, Boxt knows the ins and outs of corporate gift giving and can help you create custom Christmas gifts that help leave the right impression for your clients, employers and suppliers. Take advantage of our Christmas gift planning service, with bulk discounts and the ability to deliver to multiple addresses for a single order. This year we’re also offering free design and print of branded corporate Christmas stickers with an order of 20 gifts or more, to make your corporate gifts that much more personalised.


Get in touch with us today and feel smug in the fact you’ve already started your Christmas planning!

Not sure what to get your Dad this Father’s Day? Make this year ultra-special by giving your old man a present that reflects his personality. Let him know you ‘get him’ by giving him something that speaks to his favourite hobbies, or get him something that allows the two of you to share in his special interests together – because Dad-Daughter/Son bonding is what Father’s Day is made for after all!

For the Dad who loves Golf

Is there any sport Dads love more than golf? Maybe it’s the Dad-like attire required for the golf course, or that old myth that ‘golf’ stands for ‘gentlemen only, ladies forbidden’ that makes Dads identify with the sport so much. Whatever it is, golf-themed gifts have long been a saviour for those who don’t know what to get their Dads, especially if he’s known as ‘the man who has everything’.

If your Dad hits the green every chance he gets, then he’ll love a gift that makes his next 18 holes that much sweeter. This Beer & Golfing Gift Box is the quintessential Dad hamper, and any golf-loving Dad would be delighted with this landing on his doorstep on Fathering Sunday! He can brush up on some new techniques in Golf magazine (probably while on the toilet!), and take the rest of the hamper contents in his golf bag for his next trip to the fairway – some golf balls, a couple of cold beers and some manly snacks to keep his energy up on those last few holes!

Dad The Foodie

If Dad’s a big foodie and you live close by, why not plan a fabulous meal out at the newest hotspot in your town? But if your Dad lives in another state it’s not so easy to take him out for lunch. That doesn’t mean you can’t still treat him to some special gourmet treats! Send him this Pickled Wife Gift Box with a bottle of Miles from Nowhere Margaret River Merlot, cheese nibbles, gourmet pickles and hot jam, coffee beans, and Fremantle chocolate – your gourmand Dad will be in heaven in the kitchen!

The Beer and BBQ Dad

For some Dad’s, there’s nothing more sublime than a good BBQ and a stubby of something cold. With the weather starting to warm up enough for a backyard barbie around Father’sDay in September, it’s the perfect occasion to pick up a couple of steaks and head round to Dad’s or even a nearby national park with the Big Bucket Medley Gift Hamper. Crack open the beers and manly nibbles, reminisce about the past, and let your Dad know how much he means to you.

For Dad the Footie Fanatic

For Dads who enjoy their footie, what could be better than an afternoon watching a game together? Surprise him with tickets to watch his favourite footie team, and make it an afternoon to remember by slipping a flask of his favourite tipple in his coat pocket for you guys to share at the game! This Emergency Back Up Hip Flask & Cups Set is the perfect little gift to make sure you and your Dad will have the best Father’s Day ever. Or even better, put the tickets into this Dad’s Footy Gift Hamper for an even more luxurious treat on game day!

For the Dad with a Big Sweet Tooth

Is Dad notorious for pinching lollies from the kids? Since it’s his special day, get him a whole hamper of chocolates just for him (sharing optional)! This Father’s Day Celebration Gift Box is certainly the perfect way to send a big ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message to Dad with a giant Femantle Chocolate Freckle, and that’s just the beginning! The gift basket is loaded with an assortment of sweet treats – from organic licorice to Cornucopia Sweet Toffee Popcorn and all sorts of others in between.

For the Fit Dad

Is your Dad determined to stay fit and healthy? If your Dad has a greater taste for hitting the gym than he has for chocolate and lollies, there’s plenty ways to treat your muscle-man Dad without packing in the sugar! This Men’s Health Mag Gift Hamper is awesome for healthy Dads – he can still treat himself to some nutty nibbles and 70% dark chocolate, but he’s also got a copy of Men’s Health Mag for some motivation and workout tips, some Well Being Water to hydrate during his workout, and some Urban Rituelle Green Tea Vegetable Soap and Aromatherapy Co. MAN Nourishing Face & Body Balm to freshen up for his special Father’s Day dinner afterwards!

If your Dad is Mr Fix-It

Is your Dad always finding excuses to fix things around the house? Does he have a garage full of man toys, ahem, we mean tools? Surprise him with a gift that will keep him busy every weekend for the next few years like this Home DIY Basics project book.

For the old guy who loves to fish

Is your Dad the outdoorsy type? If his idea of the perfect family vacation growing up was a camping trip in the bush or a fishing trip down the coast, then he’d probably appreciate this Great Outdoors Gift Box. It includes a couple of action-packed magazines – the current issue of Go Fishing and 4x4 Australia. It’s also filled with two of the greatest foods known to Dads – beer and chocolate.

We hope you found some inspiration for the perfect gift for your Dad here, but if you’re still looking we have so many more Father’s Day gift ideas to choose from – check out all our Father’s Day Gifts & Hampers here

Exciting (Not Boring) Gifts for Health Nuts 

Health nuts aren’t exactly the easiest or most interesting people to buy gifts for. They often pass on the bubbly and have zero appreciation for the world’s greatest gift – chocolate – so there goes the main go-to gifts that come to mind when you want to treat a loved one! 

But there are loads of nice and fun gifts and treats out there for your health conscious friends and loved ones, you just need to think outside the box a little (something we love to do here at Boxt!). 

Plan a fun hike & bring a healthy picnic 

What better way to show your appreciation and gratitude for your health-minded friend than to show that you share an interest in their favourite pastimes and enjoy a hike in the great outdoors together? Plan a fun afternoon, exploring trails, breathing in the fresh air, and getting some exercise. There are so many fantastic walk and hike trails around Perth to choose from for different fitness levels – some of our favourites are Eagle View Trail in John Forrest National Park, the Ghost House Walk Trail in Yanchep National Park, or even a stroll around Swan River – taking in the loop from South Perth Foreshore around to Elizabeth Quay and back across Heirisson Island. 

Make it extra special by bringing along a healthy hiking picnic hamper to keep your energy levels up, like the Heart Tonic Gift Hamper. You and your treasured health nut can sip on Raspberry and Cranberry Wellbeing Water and replenish your energy with fresh seasonal fruit and dark chocolate coated strawberries while taking in the views. 

Organic Treats 

Just because health nuts tend to stay away from things that you or I might consider treats – like sugar, gluten, preservatives and dairy – it doesn’t mean they don’t like to treat themselves to all the same! 

A selection of organic treats could be just the thing to brighten their day. At Boxt we have loads of organic food hampers to choose from – like this Organic Spring Mix Gift Box, which comes with a selection of organic teas, organic gourmet fruit and nut goodies, natural hand lotion from the Aromatherapy Co., and an issue of Organic Gardener Magazine. There’s even a healthy, raw, organic chocolate bar included so you can show your friend that chocolate is, in fact, good for you! 

Make water more stylish and exciting 

Have you ever noticed that healthy people always tend to keep life’s elixir close to hand? Drinking more water is one of the top tips in every ‘get healthy’ book, news article and magazine, so what better gift to give your health nut buddy than a special water bottle to make staying hydrated and healthy that much more enjoyable! Our Mum You Are Beautiful Drinking Jar is a perfect gift for health-minded mums. She can fill it with water, chilled green tea, spa water, fruit & veggie juice or whatever the next health-craze drink sweeping the scene might be.  

Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan Cookbook 

Is that special health nut in your life on a special diet? Thought so. A cookbook filled with yummy, healthy recipes they can actually eat can be a really fun gift. There are plenty of healthy eating cookbooks out there. Depending on how restrictive or wild your friend or loved one’s diet is, you can choose a cookbook that focuses on natural recipes using seasonal ingredients, one that is brimming with tasty gluten free recipes (like our 500 Gluten-Free Dishes Book!), or a full-out ‘pegan’ cookbook (that’s uber-healthy speak for paleo and vegan). You may even browse through the pages and find a few tasty recipes that you want to try to cook together! 

Prepare them a yummy pre-race meal 

What do runners and cyclists eat for dinner the night before a race to make sure they have plenty of energy on race day? Pasta! Make your friend's pre-race carbo-load meal is fabulous with a gourmet and good-for-you gift set like the Pasta Supreme Gift Hamper. With yummy cheese, Spanish black olives, extra virgin olive oil, and Ogilvie & Co. pasta sauce your health-nut loved one can enjoy a fantastic meal. The hamper also comes with a bottle of Cabernet Merlot, which is good for your health conscious friend (maybe after the race!)red wine is loaded with antioxidants – and a few chocolate baubles to get their blood sugar back up after the run.  

Check out the rest of our healthy organic gluten-free hampers and fruit & veg hampers for more ideas! 

Marshmallow chocolate dip

Image: Pinterest

The best gifts are the ones that you would want to receive yourself, and, honestly, what would you adore more than a tantalising, lusciously sweet, chocolate treat? Chocolate is not just the absolute favourite food of everyone from Kate Moss to your beloved Aunty Mitsi, it’s also inspiring, versatile, and perfectly sharable.

Why not give the gift that you know your recipient will love? Whether you present it as a way to convey your congratulations, or to honour one of life’s many special occasions, chocolate, in all its glorious forms, is the best gift that you can give. Here’s why!

It’s Decadent

Decadent chocolate cake

Image: Pinterest

When it comes to food, chocolate is literally synonymous with decadence. It is rich, complex, and in its purest form, mesmerisingly dark. No wonder it is used to craft the most fantastic desserts in the world, such as the irresistible chocolate eclairs made by Australian pastry chef, Kirsten Tibballs, who is known in the industry as the ‘The Queen of Chocolate,’ or the chocolate fondant with peanut butter ice cream crafted by famed British chef, Mark Dodson.

From the pure bliss of dipping into a piece of chocolate lava cake to the pleasure of biting into an artisan chocolate bar, nothing says ‘you’re worth it’ like chocolate. This is the go-to food for treating yourself, making it the perfect gift to treat others too!

It’s Passionate

Save the verbiage, let chocolate do the talking for you. A tin of creamy, foil-wrapped chocolate hearts or a thoughtful chocolatey gift set like the I Love You Chocolate Gift Pot, which features truffles, candies, and a solid chocolate heart inscribed with those three special words, “I Love You,” is always a great way to get a loving message across and to bring a smile to someone’s face.

It’s Comforting

Hot chocolate

Image: Pinterest

Remember being a kid and having a warm cup of cocoa, complete with soft, fluffy marshmallows handed to you? Could you have felt any more cosy and loved? Those are the moments we all treasure. Give them to someone else with your gift of yummy hot cocoa or a delectable compilation of comforting chocolates like the treats and sweets found in the Healing Chocolate Gift Box. Whether you’re saying ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ or ‘get well soon’, the recipient of a chocolate hamper will get the message that they’re cared for and appreciated.

It’s Healthy

You aren’t just treating someone to something luxurious and delicious with a chocolate gift, you are actually supporting their wellbeing too! That’s right, chocolate is good for your health, when consumed in moderation of course. The cocoa bean is an excellent source of flavonoids, a class of antioxidants that are linked to lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of blood clots.

To get the most out of your chocolate gift, choose minimally-processed, darker varieties. Whip up a cup of drinking chocolate with high-quality cocoa like the Herb and Spice Mill Luxury Drinking Chocolate and coconut milk, and you have yourself a healthy cup of heaven.

It’s Uplifting

Chocolate actually has mood-boosting properties as well (no wonder it feels addictive!). Dark chocolate in particular, which is high in the antioxidant, resveratrol, is known to increase the levels of endorphins in the brain, and to enhance serotonin levels. So the next time your friend is feeling blue, send her a delicious chocolate treat to lift her spirits and remind her that life is tasty!

Box of chocolates gift

Image: Pinterest

It’s Sharable

The best thing about giving this treat as a gift is that nothing is more sharable than a box of chocolates. In the office, at home, or with friends, chocolate is always perfect for passing around. Send a chocolate gift to someone you care about and let them spread the love, joy, and bliss that will always radiate from delectable, decadent, and divine chocolate.

Of course at Boxt we’re the masters of chocolate gifts and hampers! Now that you know all the extra benefits of gifting chocolate, take a look at our extensive range of delectable chocolate hampers for all occasions!

At Boxt we’re all about making loved ones feel happy and appreciated, and one of the most important times you need to be there for friends or family members is when they are trying to cope with the death of a loved one. It’s never easy, and watching a friend suffer this type of tragedy is difficult as you feel helpless. You’re not going to be able to take away their sadness, but there are several ways you can help your friend make it through the grieving process and come out the other side – here’s some ideas.

1. Help Out Around the House

Image Credit

During this trying time, it is unlikely that your friend has the energy to perform basic household duties. Call around to their house and give them a hand to make life easier – change the sheets on the bed, tidy up the kitchen bench, take out the wheelie bins, or do the dishes.

These seemingly simple gestures can go a long way towards helping your friend feel better. Many people will say "call me if you need anything," but how many times have you heard that and not called. Just doing some simple tasks without needing to be asked shows them they still have people in the world who understand and care for them.

2. Cook for them

Similarly, taking care of themselves and cooking healthy meals will likely be the furthest thing from your friend’s mind when grieving their loved one. Cooking them dinners and putting them in the freezer for easy meals will not only make their life easier but also help to keep their energy up.

3. Celebrate the Person's Life

Although it can be painful to think about the deceased, it is important to celebrate the person's life, rather than mourning their loss. If your friend is feeling up to it, ask them to tell you their favourite story about the one they lost. Opening up and sharing fond memories can help your friend to reconcile the loss and begin to move forward. It may even get them to laugh a bit when thinking about happier times, which can brighten up even the darkest of moods.

4. Be There to Listen

This is not the time for common clichés like, "I know how you feel." Grieving is different for everyone, so there is no way for you to know how your friend is feeling. Similarly, "It will get better," and "She's in a better place" are equally hackneyed and ultimately useless in making anyone feel better.

One of the best things you can do for a grieving friend is to provide a sympathetic ear. Let your friend guide the conversation, and spend more time listening than you do talking. Try to avoid talking too much about yourself and your own life; keep the focus on your friend. Ask her how she is going, and give her a chance to talk, or cry, as needed. Do your best to comfort your friend without resorting to platitudes.

Sometimes, silent reassurance can be just as powerful as words. Squeeze your friend's hand as they talk, or offer a hug at the end of a story. Just the act of being there shows your friend that they have your support and love.

5. Give a Thoughtful Gift

We’re not talking about teddy bears or roses, but something more personal and thoughtful. A gift hamper of treats to cheer up your friend is a great gift, including some things you can enjoy together, like some relaxing teas and chocolate, and some things to help them relax and take some time for themselves, like bubble bath and pamper products. Or even a plush blanket to keep them comfortable and cosy during a marathon TV session.

We have a range of sympathy gifts and gift hampers you can choose from. Showing your friend that you know them and you truly care, even in the most subtle of ways, can mean more than you could ever imagine.

Mother’s Day is May 8th this year, and whether your Mum lives near or far, Boxt has got you covered! Our 2016 Mother’s Day gift guide has the perfect gift ideas for your Mum, whether you’re sending a gift to your Mum living in another state or you’re lucky enough to live nearby and will be spending the day together!

If your Mum lives interstate

Are you based in Perth and Mum lives in Melbourne? Or maybe you’re in Melbourne and Mum’s in Sydney? No matter where she lives in Australia, we can get a gift to her, all you have to do is let us know what she likes!

For the Mum who loves wine

If your Mum loves to unwind with a glass of wine, the #iloveyou Wine gift hamper will be right up her alley! This hamper ships with a sauvignon blanc and a variety of chocolate snacks, as well as two types of tea sachets. If you prefer a red wine, one can be provided, just note it in the instructions at check out.

Is Mum a caffeine junkie?

If your Mum is like most of us and finds it hard to kick-start in the morning without her coffee, send her the I Love You A Latte gift hamper, which gives Mum a new coffee mug, fresh coffee beans, and dark chocolate powder to make herself an amazing mocha, along with a few delicious chocolate snacks.

Or if you’re on a smaller budget you could send her this I Drink Coffee For Your Protection plaque to give her a laugh.

Does Mum deserve some rest and rejuvenation?

That’s a rhetorical question – all Mums do! But this one is particularly true if you want to send a gift to a friend who might be celebrating their first Mother’s Day as a new mum!

Help her recover and reclaim some ‘me time’ with something like the Emergency Pamper kit, with some sweet goodies, scented candles, tea, wine glass and an aloe face mask.

If your Mum lives nearby

Bringing her gift round? Take mum for a picnic!

While we're happy to send your gift to Mum's house with all the care and consideration that you would use, if you're travelling to see her, consider having the gift sent to your own home, then picking up Mum and taking her on a picnic! Need some inspiration on where to go? We’ve got you covered!

Best picnic spots across Australia

Western Australia

Get an elevated view of the city of Perth from King's Park, enjoy the lemon scented gums and relaxing with Mum. Or try Herdsman Lake, where you can enjoy the nature reserve and spot wetland birds, dragonflies, and long-neck tortoises.

Northern Territory

Try Berry Springs Nature Park, where there are both shaded picnic areas and spaces where you can swim, or enjoy the white sand beaches of Casuarina Coastal Reserve.

South Australia

Take Mum to Rymill Park, where you can enjoy your hamper of goodies by the artificial lake and take a walk by the Alice in Wonderland statue, or visit the untouched nature of Belair National Park.


You can't forget Boombana, where you can enjoy a leisurely hike before breaking into the hamper, or rest by the riverside in New Farm Park.

New South Wales

The views from Bradley's Head Amphitheatre are like nothing else in the world - unless you visit the rocks pools at Bateau Bay Beach.


The walk up through One Tree Hill is steep, but the view is one of the best you'll find. Another alternative might be to relax next to the Yarra River at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

At Boxt, we know how much Mums mean to those they care for. Whether you're celebrating your own Mum or other Mums in your life this Mother's Day, visiting her, or sending her gift from far away, make time to find the perfect gift. Let us help you find the right hamper. If you didn’t see the right one here we have heaps more in our ‘Mother’s Day Gifts’ section – take a look!

Want to plan an eggcellent hunt for guests of all ages this Easter and need some inspiration? Here are some ideas to make sure that your Easter celebration is both delicious and picture perfect!

Make sure everyone can get a good haul!

If your egg hunt involves kids of different ages, it can be tough for the little ones to keep up. Try colour coding the eggs by age groups so that everyone has a fair chance at scoring a good haul! Our egg-filled bunny egg bonanza basket for example is the perfect way to make this happen.

Easter egg hamper

Sun and chocolate don’t play well together

If you plan on hosting the hunt outside, remember that chocolate eggs and the sun’s heat don’t work well together, unless you want sad little faces carrying baskets of melted eggs and melted chocolate hands all over your walls!

Instead of hiding your foiled eggs around the yard, try placing wooden or plastic eggs on the ground (which you can find in craft stores as well as some Woolies at the moment!) which the children can then swap for chocolate eggs after they find them. You can also then use the plastic or wooden eggs to keep the kids entertained later – get some ribbon, markers, glitter and stickers and set up a craft table were the kids can decorate their eggs!

Easter egg crafts for kids

Goodies for Grown Ups

Easter pancake buffet

While the kids are hunting the adults will want to play too, so why not have a ‘Grown-ups goodie table’ brunch buffet! That way the adults can enjoy a glass of bubbly and some food while the kids are busy hunting for eggs.

Pancakes can be a great option for a brunch as people can personalise with a range of toppings to make them as sweet or savoury as they feel. Try offering some cold meats such as smoked salmon with crème Fraiche, and fruit toppings such as berries and chocolate chips. They look as great as they taste!

Easter champagne hamper

Keep the Easter theme running on the brunch table too with a bunny themed centre-piece, like this cute Boxt Bunny and Chandon basket – a bunny for the table and bubbles for the celebrations!

Treats to take home

Easter chocolate gift for kids

You don’t want to let the kids eat all their chocolate at the party and send them home with sick tummies! So it’s best to have some take-home treats you can give to the kids to take with them instead. Little take home pails of chocolate eggs like this one are the perfect ready-made solution.

For heaps more Easter goodies and inspiration check out the full Easter range from Boxt!

Are you ready for romance? Valentine's Day is the time to show your loved one how much they mean to you - the only problem is, how do you choose the right gift for your romantic situation? If you're married or in a long term relationship there are different levels of romance that are expected (or allowed – depending on how you look at mushiness!) than for a new relationship or impressing a crush. So find your situation in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide and let us show you how not to mess up the day for lovers!

Married or in a Long Term Relationship

People in long term relationships almost always have a ‘mantra’ they repeat every year when asked their plans for Valentine’s Day, and that tends to fall into one of these categories, ranging from 0 to 100 on the effort level:

  • ‘Valentine’s Day is too commercial we usually skip it’
  • ‘Every day is Valentine’s Day for us, we don’t need to be told when to tell each other we love each other’
  • ‘Thanks for reminding me, I must get my partner a card and bunch of flowers in the petrol station on the way home’
  • ‘We’ll cook a meal and do something sweet for each other’
  • ‘We love Valentine’s Day, my partner is taking me for a meal at and giving me a ’

Whatever way you look at it and whatever line you use, even the most cynical of us like to have a little bit of a fuss made over us by our partner, and what better excuse than Valentine’s Day to do it? And the good thing about being in a long term relationship on Valentine’s Day is that it’s hard to go wrong – you can go all out mushy or just do something small to show you care – either way there’s a high chance of gaining brownie points and low chance of scaring your partner away with your strong feelings of love!

Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Long Term Girlfriend

You’re the one person who knows just how hard your wife or girlfriend works, both in her professional and personal life so give her a little token to show your appreciation. A detox pamper pack lets her relax, unwind and replenish (bonus points for offering to give her a massage as well!).

Surround her with her favourite scents, such as vanilla, coconut and hydrangea, and set the scene for a romantic evening in with decadent candles. Or, put on your poet's hat and write a love note in a pretty journal or gift book.

Gift Ideas for Your Husband or Long Term Boyfriend

Add a touch of romance to your man’s favourite things for Valentine's Day, even if it's beer! A gift pack with his favourite beverage, combined with succulent nibbles and chocolate is just the excuse you need to go on a picnic daytrip to the beach.

Does he love his coffee? How about giving him a Hug in a Mug coffee cup, to remind him how much you love him every morning. For the wine connoisseurs, blend practical with decadent and surprise him with a Bollinger Leather Wine Combo Carrier and enjoy the champagne over a candlelit dinner.

In a New Relationship

If you’re in a new relationship, Valentine’s Day is made for you! There is never a more important time in your life to observe the traditions of Valentine’s Day than in the early stages of new love. You’re past that ‘can’t act too keen’ phase of the relationship, so you’re free – nay, expected – to go all out with gooeyness, love hearts and sugar this Valentine’s Day!

Gift Ideas for a new Girlfriend

'Sweets for my sweet' is the old school way to a girl's heart, and white wine is the new school route, so you can't go wrong with a ‘I love you chocolate & wine hamper’. If you’re on a tighter budget but still want to pour on the fuzzy feelings keep it fun with a giant 'I Love You' freckle or a simple balloon to show your affection.

Gift Ideas for a new Boyfriend

We might be playing into some stereotypes here, but if you want to communicate to your new beau just exactly how you feel about him, it’s best to write it all down in black and white (on a cute greeting card of course!).  And if the way to his heart is via his stomach, a 'You're So Damned Handsome' Man Box will give him a special glow, while spoiling him with delicious treats.

Dating Someone New

We’re not going to lie, the dating stage can be a complete minefield on Valentine’s Day – go too over the top and you look too keen, do too little and you look disinterested. Either way there is a high risk factor of scaring off your girl or boy crush. Here’s some suggestions to get things just right!

Gift Ideas for you’re the girl or guy you’re dating

What can you get for the new man or woman in your life, to let them know that they’re your Valentine? It’s best to stick with something fun and simple if you’re unsure how it will go down. Start with a fun greeting card to leave in their letter box or give to them before a fun night out.

If you feel like pushing things a little further, try sending a cute balloon. Best to stay away from the gooey hearts and love balloons just yet, but this cheeky ‘Foxy Valentine' balloon is perfect.

If you feel things could be a little more amorous and you want to send a message that you’d like things to keep going down a romantic path, a 'You're My Honey' Bumble Bee might be just what you need to melt their heart – who could say no to that little face!?


We’re delivering Valentine’s gifts Australia-wide and delivering on Sunday 14 Feb in the Perth metro area, so get your orders in today! Happy Valentine's Day from us to you!

It’s no surprise that at Boxt we love a special occasion, especially a special occasion when there’s an opportunity to make a loved one feel special with a thoughtful gift.

But nothing takes away from a thoughtful gift more than it being ‘belated’, when the moment is gone. So we’ve put together this list of upcoming special occasions on the Australian calendar for 2016 that you can print out, hang on your fridge or your office wall and be prepared for all the festivities coming up this year!

Graduations - January

Graduating from Uni is a big deal, and Graduation ceremonies tend to happen throughout January (different dates for different Universities). So if you know a friend or family member  graduating this year now is a good time to congratulate them and mark their achievement with a graduation gift like a balloon or some bubbles!

Australia Day – January 26

Australia Day is a special occasion on the calendar for two reasons. You’ll probably be visiting family for a good old fashioned Aussie Day BBQ. The other special thing about this day is that you may know someone who is about to become an Australian, with Jan 26th a popular day for new Aussies to have their citizenship ceremonies!  So if you’re looking for a gift for a friend getting their citizenship, or a BBQ themed gift for your host, you can find some great hampers and gifts here to mark this special day.

International Fun at Work Day - January 28

January is always a tough month to get through at work. The Christmas ‘Silly Season’ festivities are over for another year and it’s back to reality (usually along with healthy lunches and after work trips to the gym). So why not participate in International Fun at Work Day at the end of Jan to celebrate making it through the dullest month of the year! Treat your colleagues to something nice to make the day brighter!

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers - this is the perfect time to find that romantic gift. For her, you can choose chocolates, cuddly stuffed animals, gift hampers to pamper her or a beautiful scented candle. For him, there are beer lover gift hampers, fun fishing mugs, delicious cookies, and much more. Check our range to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your bae.

I Want You to Be Happy Day - March 3

This quirky holiday speaks for itself really. Simply a day in the year when you try to put a smile on someone’s face and let them know you’re rooting for them to be happy :)

International Women's Day - March 8

Celebrate the strong and wonderful women in your life on International Women’s Day with a little gift to show your appreciation for all that they do – whether it’s your mother, sister, grandmother, niece, daughter or friend!

Easter – March 27

Easter celebrations involve all ages, because who doesn’t love chocolate?! If you are shopping for the perfect Easter gift, check out our fabulous chocolate selection for both adults and children. We have chocolate bunnies, eggs and chicks to make your Easter egg hunt the best in town.

Anzac Day - April 25

What’s Anzac Day without biscuits, right?

Mother’s Day – May 8

We all want to find that perfect gift for our Mum to show her just how much we love her. Maybe a journal, a book, a hamper to pamper Mum, aromatherapy hand creams… check out our Mother’s Day gift area for more ideas!

Queen’s Birthday – June 13 (26 September in WA)

Since you’ll have a long weekend for the occasion you may feel like marking Her Majesty’s birthday with a shindig of your own, any excuse for a party right?! Get some fun balloons in and pop some champagne!

Father’s Day – June 19

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, but you can’t let this day go by without treating your old man to show him he’s appreciated. Luckily we have tonnes of ideas – check out our Father’s Day gift area for some inspiration!

International Chocolate Day - July 7

Not that you need a reason to treat yourself or your friends to some chocolate, but what better one that to mark International Chocolate Day!

Friendship Day – August 7

Friendship Day is an occasion that originated in South America, but why not incorporate it into the Australian calendar? It’s a great excuse to show your friends (aka ‘the family you chose for yourself’) how much they mean to you with a thoughtful friendship gift.

Kiss and Make Up Day - August 25

Have you had a tiff with someone you care about and let it go on bit too long? Put an end to the beef and offer them an olive branch in the form of a thoughtful gift to rebuild those bridges on International Kiss and Make Up Day!

Christmas – December 25

Christmas is what we live for here at Boxt! And we like to make Christmas gift shopping as easy as possible. You can tick off the whole list here – mum, dad, partners, kids, grandparents, colleagues, friends and anyone else you want to spoil! And the best thing? You can add them all to your cart at once and we’ll deliver to as many different addresses as you like!

Other Important Dates

These ones are a little more difficult for us to add to your calendar, but don’t forget to make note of these occasions for all your loved ones and remember to get them a gift:

·         Anniversaries, Weddings and Engagements

·         Birthdays

·         Baby Births