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Nuts & Savoury Hampers

Sweets and sugary treats aren’t up everyone’s alley – so we’ve designed a range of nut hampers and savoury hampers to cater for those who have more savoury taste buds than a sweet tooth!

For many people, they’ve prefer to swap a bar of chocolate with a bar of cheese, and many of our savour hampers are the perfect accompaniment to cheese – with gourmet crackers and savoury relishes and sauces to compliment a cheese board – as well as some cheese-themed gift items like cheese knives and timber boards.

Our savoury and nut hampers also include a range of other salty snacks perfect for celebrations – WA’s Moreish Nuts, savoury Dukkah and gourmet oils, vinaigrettes and so much more!

All our Nut Hampers and Savoury Hampers are available for Australia-wide delivery – order online today!

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